Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva

Our gastronomical

identity is based on the search for the future and on the combination of different gastronomic contents. When Costes was founded, it was critical to identify the most outstanding quality factors, while Konyhakör has always worked to transform the latest zeitgeist into a community and a guest experience.

Costes Catering is a catering house that combines the venues and gastronomic laws of the Konyhakör with the universal values of Costes. All this is expressed in an affordable and competitive way, so lovers of classic family meals or even fine dining can find the best quality available to them.

Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva

Our house

works like an agency. We receive ideas and requests and from these we create unique events. We focus on the moderate consumption of meat while bringing awareness to the need of using loyal ingredients, given the limited resources of our planet.

We place great emphasis on the appearance of our dishes, dinner tables and buffets, making them stand-alone installations. In the noisy, often self-serving mazes of contemporary culture, gastronomy is also an expression of art where we carefully implant our moral views surrounding our catering gatherings.