Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva

Corporate and private dining

What defines Costes Catering is the familiar Costes standard combined with the inventive creative solutions of Konyhakör.

We provide conceptual & contemporary pop-up catering services with a visionary, yet honest culinary experience by turning special spaces alive and guiding our brave urbans and future seeker clientele into conversation.

With a decade of experience in creating unique dinner concepts, we’re not just a catering company; we’re a seasoned team of culinary enthusiasts who are passionate about event production. 

Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva

We offer a wide range of catering services, including breathtaking gala dinners, exquisite standing receptions, superb buffet services, lively bar services and so on. Our goal is to craft imaginative and unforgettable dining experiences for events of all sizes. We believe that great catering goes far beyond what we eat. The pleasure of a culinary experience is not only measured by taste but also by the impressions the occasion leaves on us. Therefore, paying full attention to small details enhances the overall event experience making it stand out from the crowd. 

At each event, our team explores a unique concept tailored to the costumer, resulting in a unique service for the occasion. Making dreams become a culinary reality is what we strive for.

If you have an upcoming event and are interested in our unique offers, please contact us.